Mike Shular is a Peoria area local artist that works on gourds as his canvas, I've combined my drawing and design skills with 3D visualization to bring about a new dimension in the art of Pyrography. Imaginative and realistic, these gourds are each a work of art, a canvas and sculpture all in one. Varied in design, shape, leaves, and cutouts, each are one of a kind. 

Examples of some of my small metal sculptures is something I call "Fork Art". These forks are mini-sculptures and some contain hand blown marbles.

Check the pages of this website images of my art work. If you have any questions, please contact me or the gallery.

 Photography is by Craig Stocks.


         I bring creative and imaginative ideas to many mediums that I've explored, ceramics, mini-metal sculptures (forks). The largest gourds takes an immense amount of time and represent a project, sometimes taking over 100 hours to create. The pitted texture areas are individual burn points, some covering the entire surface between the leaves. Every burn is deliberate and carefully added for depth, outline and added  3-dimensional effect. To really enjoy these designs they need to be seen in person.  

Bright colors using inks and dyes that let the skin and texture, and cut outs make this design pop! Many colors on the inside of the other gourds bring the gourd design to another ,